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For 25 years, Weerribben Zuivel BV has supplied shops and industry with organic dairy products. The dairy farm belongs to family De lange and is situated on the border of the most beautiful park in the Netherlands, National Park Weerribben-Wieden. For generations, the farm has been lived in and managed by this family. In 1984 the father (Harm) and his son (Klaas) decided to convert the farm to organic agriculture. From 1992 the family started processing milk to dairy products. That turned out to be a good choice. Weerribben Zuivel BV now has many years of experience as a dairy producer and has a FSSC22000 quality certification.

Weerribben Zuivel has a wide range of high quality products, both for consumer and industry. All our dairy products must comply with the appearance, taste, aroma, consistency and microbiological quality according to our strict standards.

Since 2016 Weerribben Zuivel also produces biodynamic Demeter products. The biodynamic milk is produced by 25 Demeter family farms. All products by Weerribben Zuivel BV have the organic or Demeter certification mark, which guarantees that the products are the quality needed for that certification. Detailed product specifications of the products mentioned in this leaflet are available on demand. Do you have any specific quality or packaging requirements?
Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the available options.
klaas weerribben zuivel
Naam Klaas de Lange
de boerderij weerribben zuivel onze mensen

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